CiviCRM Groups and Tags

This page is a place to discuss and decide upon CiviCRM groups and tags. There is a helpful page describing the differences.

What's the difference groups and tags?

Groups describe what we do with contacts (e.g. Receive press releases, receive general mailings, etc.). Groups are dynamic. Groups can be included or excluded from mailings.

Tags describe what a contact is (e.g. mainstream media, environmental, etc.). Tags are primarily used when searching for contacts.

Smart Groups

Smart Groups are like regular groups with one exception: they are based on a search result. In other words, you could create a smart group of everyone who is in a particular state. As you add new contacts that are coded to that state, they will automatically be added to the smart group.

Not to be confused with organizations…

When adding a contact, you can classify them as an Individual or an Organization. Organization is a type of contact used for, er, organizations. It is different from a "group."

Using groups and tags

At our CiviCRM training call this morning - we decided that resources, outreach, and communication would each think through their communications strategies and report back how they want to communicate differently to different segments. This info will be reported here. Based on this info, we will come up with a general set of tags and groups.

Outreach strategy

Communications strategy

Resources strategy

Previous thoughts

Below are some of the ICT's early brain storming on the issue.

Custom Fields are another way to categorize data in CiviCRM.

Category List - Brainstorm ¶

We came up with a few possibilities for categories of groups and/or tags, but which should be which remains unclear.

  • Volunteer
  • NPC Member
  • Individual working groups
  • Vendors
  • Can provide housing
  • Working group member
  • Will attend online - I cannot come to Detroit, but I want to participate online
  • USSF Working group/committee member - This is an alternative to listing all of the individual working groups as tags or groups.

These look good. A few other ideas I (Nancy) emailed:

  • Category: Local Detroit and/or metro Detroit (self-defined if possible)
  • Category: Donor
  • Specific tags like "labor union activist" -- drop-down list that's searchable. Does Drupal let users add to a drop-down list?
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