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Current Status As of 12/15/09

I. Brief Overview

We had a really productive work weekend 12/12-12/13. We did tons of work on pricing and building about 80% of the framework for translations. We also added helping hand info and a way for people to apply for scholarships. We also added placeholder pages for the reservation start page and the final landing page but those are definitely incomplete. Basically we feel everything is in place even though we know there are going to be text additions/modifications, translations, and layout tweaks.

Screenshots are attached to the email of this status report as well as attached to this wiki page (at bottom). The live URL (for english) for the registration start page is:

II. Major Concerns

A. Payment Processor

  1. We need to figure out which payment processor to use. The payment processor is the mechanism that takes online credit card payments. We tried Google's payment processor this weekend and had some concerns. We would like to evaluate other processors - particularly from the perspective of getting the best deal. The software we are using supports many different ones (see: We would appreciate some help from the Resource Mob or Finance in making these decisions as they have financial implications.
  1. We are not sure if we can embed this in the form

B. Getting Signoff on all of the elements on the registration pages

  1. While layout tweaks can happen all the way up to launch, adding new fields cannot happen late in the process as they will require approval and translation. So we really need to make sure we have consensus on everything being there that needs to be there.
    1. Individual Registration Page (see screen grab)
  1. Organization Registration Page (see reg_org.jpg)
  1. Additional Participants Pages (see reg_additional1.jpg and reg_additional2.jpg)

C. Getting text finalized. This will need to be done in all languages for all the pages.

  1. Reservation Start Page (see reg_start.jpg)

a.Need text letting people know about the differences between registering as an individual or as an organization

b.Need text letting people know how to get support

  1. Individual Registration Page (see reg_indiv.jpg)
    1. there is a lot of text, we need to think about what really needs to be there
  1. Organization Registration Page (see reg_org.jpg)
    1. there is a lot of text, we need to think about what really needs to be there
  1. Additional Participants Pages (see reg_additional1.jpg and reg_additional2.jpg)
    1. the helping hand donation box should not be on this page, it will be removed
  1. Individual Confirmation Page (see reg_indiv_confirm.jpg)
  1. Organization Confirmation Page (see reg_org_confirm1.jpg and reg_org_confirm2.jpg)
  1. Reservation Landing Page (see reg_landing.jpg)
    1. We have not done any work yet to get the modified Draft Dianne sent out into this page.
  1. Scholarship Application Page (see reg_scholar.jpg)

C. Getting Pricing Info Finalized

  1. Individual Registration Page (see reg_indiv.jpg)
  1. Organization Registration Page (see reg_org.jpg)
  1. Additional Participants Pages (see reg_additional1.jpg and reg_additional2.jpg)

D. Translations

  1. Spanish
    1. Once text is finalized, all of the text needs to be entered into a spreadsheet and passed off to translators, as long as we have translators we are good to go
  2. Arabic
    1. since Arabic is a left to right language this might have major technical implications. We need to do outreach to Arabic Web Usability experts. We also need to make sure translators know how to get arabic text into a format a web browser can read.

E. Support

  1. Online
    1. we need to have a team of people ready to reply to online registration requests, either through a web form or email
  2. Telephone
    1. This is a tricky piece as it requires both a phone line and volunteers. There is a potential technical piece that might allow a number for the public to call that could forward to volunteers' phone number who have registered to do a help line shift. This may not be able to be put into place until mid to late january though.

F. Scholarship Requests

  1. We have not yet implemented any of the recommendations from the Scholarship call that happened.
    1. notes from call:
    2. Scholarship Application Page (see reg_scholar.jpg)

G. Back End Work for getting accounts set up and ready for session proposals

  1. This is mostly back end work that ICT is handling. We are also talking with the Programming Sub group to get this nailed down

III. Timelines

  1. We are still working toward an early january launch. We really need all the above resolved soon though so we can finish the implementation

IV. Next Meeting

  1. We should have another Registration Meeting Soon

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