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Current Status As of 1/7/10

I. Brief Overview

The forms are in near completion, especially in terms of content. We do not plan on adding anything else to the forms unless it is explicitly mentioned below. We still plan on doing a round of layout tweaks this weekend and plan to do a soft launch (i.e. everything in place on the live servers, but not announced to the world) beginning of next week. The announcement to the world will not happen until online session proposals are ready, which will be the following week (1/18-1/24).

Screenshots are attached to the email of this status report as well as attached to this wiki page (at bottom). The testing URL (for english) for the registration start page is: Note, your browser will ask you for a user name and password, which is sandbox for both fields.

II. Incompleted Items

A. Payment Processor

  1. Jamie is in the process of working with Praxis to get Paypal switched over from Project South to Praxis and get our account to be able to handle embedded payments. (i.e. the payment information will be included on the forms rather than forcing the user to go to a external site.

The long term plan however is to find a payment processor better than Paypal, politically and financially. The Finance committee with Jamie's help can hopefully find us one relatively soon, but will not be in place when registration first goes live.

B. Technical Support

  1. We need to get a support email address set up and a way to handle support requests. This shouldn't be too difficult a task however we would like to create a more robust solution to be able to track help requests and make sure that they are being handled.
  1. The online phone support is also a desire, but beyond our capability right now. We need to talk about this again once we go live and announce it to the world.

C. Text that we still need to add

  1. Reservation Start Page (see screen grab) a.Need text letting people know about the differences between registering as an individual or as an organization

D. Translations

  1. Spanish
    1. We have passed all of the text off to the translation team. We will not go live until we get all of this and get it into the system.
  2. Arabic
    1. Arabic will not be part of the inital Launch. Getting this in place will be difficult since Arabic is a left to right language this might have major technical implications. We need to do outreach to Arabic Web Usability experts. We also need to make sure translators know how to get arabic text into a format a web browser can read.

E. Back End Work for getting accounts set up and ready for session proposals

  1. This is mostly back end work that ICT is handling. We are gettign really close to getting this done.

F. Ability for organizations to go back and add more registrants/add names to registratants/change registrants

  1. This will be put into place in a later phase, i anticipate this to be in February.

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