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The Logistics Working Group now has a wiki for the Registration Process. This page should include the specific ict implementation needs, questions, etc.

Current Status


Use cases

We have created a UseCases page to think through some possible needs.

We created a more streamed down UseCasesStreamlined page which we will pass off to the detroit logistics working group. This set of use cases doesn't deal with organize.ussf2010 nearly as much

Mark Libkuman and Ross Glover met in the Boston area on 10/11/09 and discussed a possible technical work flow for OrganizationRegistration?, especially focusing on the ability for organizations to come back and edit/add/delete the members they wish to attend. This workflow relies heavily on Organic Groups

Workshop Proposals

We need a plan to link workshop proposals to registration forms. This seems like an important interrelated problem to registration and should be a part of the registration process. To work on this go here Workshop_Proposals.

Organization/Individual Relationship

How should we link organizational registrations and individuals? Looking at the CiviCRM documentation, there does not seem to be a particularly easy method for accomplishing this.

We want organizations to be able to register multiple people, and then have them list the names of each of those individuals. Each name should then create an individual registration linked to the organization.

We also want entering those names to be optional (up to a point) and changeable.

Additionally, we need to think about organizations registering 100s of people and how to manage those contingencies.

Finally, we ultimately will want an interface for checking off organizations and individuals during the forum. Volunteers should be able to check off either a whole group at once or individual members of the group. We should also include a note field for volunteers to log any issues with specific registrations.

Working Model

Mark and Joseph are currently working on a CiviEvent proof of concept? for registration. This will test the viability and limitations of using CiviCRM Event for doing registration.