Workshop Proposals

This page is for developing the relationship between registration forms and managing workshop proposals.

Method 1 - Drupal/CiviCRM Interface

The idea for this approach is to allow CiviCRM to create a Drupal account for registered participants who want to conduct a workshop. The account would be created at On the workshops site, they would be asked to submit a proposal, from there, we could manage proposals in a number of different ways. Advantages - This method has the advantage of automating the process for workshop registration. We could easily tell who wants to submit a proposal, who has and has not submitted. It gets participants comfortable with the drupal interface, and if we could pull it off, could also create quite a few open ids. Users could easily modify their submissions. Disadvantages - Setup is more complex. Relying on Civi and drupal to communicate well might be asking too much.

Method 2 - CiviCRM Groups

In this approach, we would create a CiviCRM group for everyone who expressed an interest in creating a workshop. Then we could use this group to email those participants about how and where to submit their proposal. Advantages - Very easy to implement. Disadvantages - Could lose track of who wants to submit and who actually has submitted a proposal. No direct connection between proposals and registration. We could end up sending out a bunch of spam asking people to submit proposals they've already submitted.

Method 3 - CiviCRM Submissions

Here we would have a text area of the registration form for workshop proposals. CiviCRM would handle the primary data for all submissions. Advantages - Everything is stored on one database. We can determine who has submitted and who hasn't and send out email reminders based on that data. Users could easily modify their submissions. Disadvantages - Would still need to remove the submissions from CiviCRM to some other location for review, organization, publication, etc.

Method 4 - No CiviCRM

We could conceivably not use CiviCRM at all in the workshop process. Having workshop proposals completely unrelated to the rest of the registration process. Advantages - Could implement registration without the headache of workshops. Disadvantages - Would have no clue what registered participants planned on presenting. Participants would have no way to access their contact information and their proposal through the same interface.

Method 5 - Link workshops with social networking, minimal linking to registration

By combining the workshop submission process with the social networking tools envisioned on the site, we could really help realize the vision of workshop organizing leading to more close collaboration between social forum participants. When submitting a workshop proposal, submitters could be linked to a social forum registration either automatically (via OpenID) or by asking submitters to enter the username or user id of the registered individual or organization sponsoring the workshop. Advantages - The complex tasks of registration and social networking could be cleanly separated, allowing them to develop on their own schedule and based on their own needs (see advantages to Method 4 above). And - a clear and easy to follow link between workshops and registrants is established. Disadvantages - Some duplication of information would need to be entered when registering and then when submitting a proposal.

Drupal For Workshop Proposals

I found this module , which looks promising for accepting workshop submissions (although it is in beta2 for drupal 6). This module looks good for a number of reasons:

  1. It keeps all submissions in a node that could easily have content fields added for date-time-location information, allowing a calendar to be relatively easily created for the final show.
  2. We could pretty easily add some Lightening Bug functionality for assigning reviewers in a round robin fashion.
  3. It allows submitters the option of becoming reviewers, creating a more distributed and participatory framework.
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