Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4810
Participant Access Code: 1013428#
  • Timeline - can we set some dates for when certain systems are in place or decisions made? Example: ticketing system must be ready by March 2010.
  • Formal recruitment of nonprofits and for-profits to join this committee. Groups I'd want to see on board: Progressive Technology Project, Radical Designs, Democracy in Action, NOSI, Aspiration Tech, and the list could go on. While part of our work will take place on the conference calls and listserv, it makes sense to open a lower traffic and less informal channel with organizations and individuals who might provide feedback, expert advice, access to resources and other things. This is also a subset of the overall outreach and recruitment strategy - it's organizing the sector made up of progressive tech organizers.
  • Training: I asked people how they were doing with the wiki and there was only one person who said she was totally comfortable using it. I explained the commitment to open source technology, but people would like some training on how to use the wiki(s). They suggested we do it when national people are going to be here and mentioned a date later this month, I believe, but somehow the exact date escaped my notes. Hopefully you or other people on the Tech committee know when national people are next coming to Detroit?
  • Assessing user experience to help make the wiki and the web experience user-friendly. I try to do at least some usability testing when I design adn work on web sites, and it wouldn't hurt to do a little usability training with our wiki and web pages to see how people use them and how they want to, and identify places where they might get stuck or frustrated, or want more.
  • Rachel Wells who has set up a Facebook page for USSF wants ideas for how to coordinate that with our committee.
  • Reg McGhee on the communications committee wants to work with us on getting a ready-for-prime-time web site and online presence for the public announcement to let the public know about us and get some media attention. I believe the public debut and attempt to get media attention is scheduled for June 22.
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