Agenda For August 6 meeting


In attendance

Jaime, Ross, Alfredo, Dan, Mark L., Mallory, Lou, Sylvia



  • National Planning Committee (NPC) in Detroit--Mark L. submitted great notes via email, they're reposted at DetroitNPC_ReportBack_200907.
  • People's Movement Assembly (PMA) and Kentucky SF in Berea--Jaime went on 7/31 to PMA: they're hoping to organize series of assemblies and develop SF outreach. KYSF had 300-400 people with lots of good workshops, including tech on security. namespace

  1. planning what URLs will serve which purposes. We already have,,, and I think we're planning for, and maybe


  • Goals: We already have several names and WGs will likely want their own. How do we want to go with this?
  • Open ID may help reduce multiple logins.
  • Some believe that when there are URLs independent of main website that politically they may be confusing. In the future others may want to spin off. One tendency may be to have pages off the main site. Perhaps spin off only when there are security issues or...(Alfredo?)
  • Another perspective: may be difficult to manage many websites but splitting off can allow for cool indy collaboration. Rationale: general decentralization and social control, idea of accepting contributions from people outside of this.
  • We have established principles, do we need to make boundaries clear?
  • Concerns: 2007 site was difficult to navigate. Need to pay attention instead to develop primary site. Also trying to build towards one site instead of different things.
  • We want a user visible experience.
  • More likely problem is that non-techies will want sites. We can propose and help set up drupal sites. We can also address sense of unity by having a shared logo; this can help expand to a network and coordinate the sites.
  • Main website page is key to linking elsewhere and everything.
  • How can we organize independent efforts and bring them toward main site?
  • One of problems now is that people aren't so much looking for new websites but pages on a website to add info and control their section of menus, tool kits, resources.
  • This conversation seems to have two parts: (1) how can we manage the multiple requests for sites that SF people request? and (2) how can we manage others sites created about the SF to ensure that we're all working toward the same thing? First sounds like a ICT WG workload issue. On the latter, we can't manage what large and small communities will create as they organize toward the social forum but we can encourage them to link up with us.
  • We can help people set up groups pages for their local communities and projects related to the SF.
  • We'll come back to this conversation later--tabled.

Hiring for tech position


  • Mark L. report--NPC formed a Personnel Committee with final say in hires. Tech hire job description will come from ICT WG. We review resumes and can set up interview process. We send 2-3 to Personnel Comm with our thoughts and recommendations, and possibly meet with Personnel Committee. A Supervision Committee will meet regularly with Tech hire, problems, work, check in.
  • Sylvia added that the one full-time tech hire is politically opposed by the Detroit anchors. They want two half-time persons, one based in Detroit who understands the community and can also help with low-tech needs; plus a national person who can work on wider projects and needs.
  • The ICT WG agreed that it's important to have a tech hire who can travel to Detroit regularly.
  • We should discuss seriously the idea of two hires vs. one and why we believe--if we do collectively--that one hire is better than two. That should include what the tech hire needs to do, how we envision this job, and the importance of considering Detroit's needs.
  • This is not just a tactical or administrative issue but a potentially politically adversarial one. Approcahing tech politically is at the root of this discussion.
  • It is important that we have this discussion before we propose a hire and to establish a relationship with the Anchors and LOC in Detroit.
  • Sylvia noted that there is a feeling among many Anchors/LOC participants that people outside of Detroit question local competency.
  • ICT agrees we should be in regular communication with LOC and do check in at each important stage so the Detroit LOC feels it has a a voice in this. We don't want bad feelings later on.
  • Ross suggested that we outline a plan for a national person in relation to a Detroit person, as part of this.
  • At the NPC part of the discussion about splitting positions had to do with having the budget to provide all with health care benefits; plus what kind of employer the USSF/NPC wants to be. It was agreed that the logistics hire salary would be split for 2-3 months among several Detroiters as work stipends.
  • Sylvia agreed to help set up a conference call with ICT and Anchors/DLOC members to discuss the tech hire. This should happen within the next 7 days.
  • ICT will first make sure that the job description draft is ready on this end and that it doesn't ignore the concerns raised.
  • Additionally, the Detroit LOC Tech and Communications Committee is trying to reestablish itself and especially needs to recruit tech persons that can support DLOC needs.
  • This conversation will continue over email. In the meantime, everyone is asked to review the tech job description and make dire ct edits and other recommendations on the wiki.
  • At the next DLOC meting, Lou will announce that the ICT WG would like to have a phone conference to discus the tech hire and Detroit needs.

Interpreting the Tech Principles

  1. We currently have YouTube clip on the home page, yet our tech principles discourage this use of it. We also have a request for YouTube functionality on the wiki (#8).
  2. For the June 22 push, an official USSF press release was sent out via, which included lots of links to social networking sites, all of which returned the the browser to the corporate sites, not the USSF sites (see thoughts posted by charles and jamie).
  • Tabled again to allow for more discussion time.

Need for figuring out access levels

this will be an issue that we will have to constantly discuss, and will need to discuss inside and beyond the ICT (copied from 7/9/09 notes)

  1. We need to determine how Working Groups can post information on the website, e.g., Communications/Media WG and Outreach WG are reviewing logos from Design Action Center--they're huge files, would be helpful if they were online for folks to view and give feedback on. Others WGs are needing a place to share info and/or get feedback in overall outreach strategies.
  2. What was the USSF 2007 process? What ideas can the ICT WG offer to develop a beginning process for website access, protocols, training to Working Groups?
  • Tabled again to allow for more discussion time.
  • But in the meantime, we'll add additional pages to the website as the need arises (e.g., design logo samples).

Highest Priority Desired Deadlines

Following submitted by Mark Libkuman--there are many deadlines approaching for projects that other WGs and people are expecting from us.

  1. Job Description -- ASAP
  • Discussed above.
  1. Online Payments not sent to Project South -- October
  • Charles offered this proposal reposted from email: It looks like the Tide Foundation will be replacing Project South as the money handler. They work best with the Network for Good payment software, which unfortunately we've found doesn't have an API to be able to link payments with users in our CiviCRM or Drupal databases. We don't need to use Network for Good. Other Tides grant recipients have shifted away from NfG because NfG is not a comprehensive solution for donation processing and donation record keeping. So whoever is handling the relationship with Tides might say, oh, by the way, we won't be using NfG, it would contradict our mission. Or something.

  1. Online Proposal Submission -- October
  • We need to set up up a conference call with the Program/Culture WG.
  1. Registration -- October
  • This should probably be our first priority, perhaps can be combined with online payments.
  • We need to set up up a conference call with Detroit logistics committee.
  • Ross and Jaime helped coordinate tech registration in Atlanta. Ross will contact Dianne Feeley in Detroit. Jaime and Mark L. will join in later.
  • Sylvia added there may be an upcoming meeting with Detroit and Atlanta people (including Alice) to discuss logistics; ICT should take part.
  1. Social Networking Tools -- October, but after the above
  • Tabled

Relationships between ICT and other working groups

  1. Short term - the liaison method for now seems best, one from our group and one from the other group, to help plan conference calls, online chats, work days to get projects moving
  2. Long term - Some way of dedicating multiple people to a project (like those above in deadlines) so that we get good participation from each working group, without burning folks out
  • Mark L. will let other Working Groups know we're thinking about them...(Mark?) and will post a list of ICT liaisons to other WGs.

Tech Trainings

  1. i think this will become more and more important as we release new functionality, it would be nice if we could do things such as local trainings, remote trainings with shared remote desktops, and trainings of trainers
  • Tabled
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