People in attendence: Mallory, Mark L., Mark D., Alfredo, Sylvia, Ross, Jason

  • Reported on the hiring process

Referenced Alfredo's email about the two hires one local one national. Congradulated Mallory!

  • Reported on working groups (registration process).

Mark L., Mallory, and Ross gave updates on what has taken place thus far. In particular, the UseCases were discussed and the decision to try to get a local registration group together to help Dianne.

  • Discussion of information security -

Important discussion of the question of how the Culture committee has a different understanding of what to do with personal information collected on the website. Mallory feels an impass between how we understand collecting information and how they think of the process. There is a general sense that all information should be kept no matter what from the culture working group, rather than only collecting the information that you really need. Alfredo will bring it up to the NPC.x

Sylvia - The hiring process is waiting to make sure the budgetary concerns before making all the hires.

Mark L. - Need to work on getting more people on the ict. Need a way to develop an outreach program to get people included in the group. So we can focus on byte size tasks. Seek a way to be able to plug people in.

Sylvia - Thinking that other working groups facing the same issue and thinks it might be something worth addressing in general.

Mark L. - Will try to put something together along the lines of creating a global solution for these things.

Alfredo - Has been in contact with three people who applied for the job are interested in continuing to work with the ICT. Want to try to develop defined ways (project goals) for people that want to participate.

Ross - Suggests working on trac in a programmatic way to give a more defined structure to our work.

Mark L. - Will have something worked out by our next conference call.

  • One wiki for the USSF

Mark D. - Why does ict use the trac wiki?

Mallory - All groups decided on their own way to organize. Each group should have their own way to organize.

Alfredo - Not sure he understands the issue.

Mark D. - Understands wikis as a special way to organize and sees the wiki as a way to bring people together.

Mallory - Sees a good reason for centraliziton. Also sees a strong argument for decentralization. She thinks that it might exist in the technology principles. Sees there needing to be a balance.

Sylvia - Explains quite a few people are using the regular wiki and thinks the planning wiki is a great place to publicize and see what's going on. It's been really good for a lot of people.

Discussion about the organize site and how that might ultimately turn into a long term project for organizing for linking people.

Mallory - sees the organize as a meeting place for activists.

Mark L. - sees the need to keep the site as a long term project.

Ross - suggests a training video tutorials

Alfredo - Should be put on the agenda.

Mark L. - says that we should at the very least put links from trac wiki to training wiki.

Alfredo - Questions whether or not the trac wiki needs to remain for specific technological issues. Thinks it might be worth doing it both ways.

  • Outreach Materials

Sylvia explained that there is in process a determination by the NPC about what materials should be displayed on outreach materials.

Mallory and Mark L. think that we should have outreach materials at the Grassroot Media Conference.

  • Training

Ross said he would be available b/t 3-4 MWF so people can call for training purposes.

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