Agenda for ICT 2009-10-29

Notes for ICT Meeting 2009-10-29 (

Attendees: Sylvia, Mallory, Nancy, Lou, Alfredo, Joseph, Scott, Brigid, Jamie, Mark L, Mark Dilley Agenda for ICT 2009-10-29

Results of the NPC Collaborative Democracy workshop:

Report back on hire: Conclusion was that we have half time for tech and half time for field organizer starting November 15, remaining portions of these hires will start in January. Both Mallory and Tkda were approved as hires. Proposal from Tdka would be to split what money we have between both hires.

Deadlines: Soft launch of workshops for December 15, public launch in January, Workshop closing March 15

Web site plan:

  • We should change "Spread the word" - that doesn't describe everything under. We could either create two items or change the name to cover both (About USSF 2010)
  • Register - should this be a dedicated top level link? Maybe should we put register as box on the sidebar,
  • Donate - should be sidebar on every
  • Deadline goal is 6 weeks (mid-december)
  • Remove picture of flag from web site? Nancy/Lou will take back to dloc for more pictures, and help convene a meeting with Reggie and other Tech/Comm folks.
  • Approved with comments above

Everyone will keep track of web changes that need to done: add to ticket system

Milestone is an arbitrary time line...can be changed, not same thing as a date. May make it easier to see what tickets we're focusing on.

Ticket system should be simpler to use:

  • Change name of "ticket"
  • Include directions on form: people submitting tickets do not need to add categories OR if possible hide fields on submitting, show them on edit
  • Re-name milestones to be more descriptive

Mark L. has finished project plan: Can allow people quickly and easily to plug into projects rather than participate in all of the work of a working group. Also allows ability to self-organize, e.g., consulta form. This work also has to be politically informed by the USSF and what it is that we're leading up to in Detroit and internationally.

Consulta: what can we do to make the form very simple? Reducing number of fields in form.

Schedule time for Nancy, Mark D. and Sylvia: prioritize and do work on wiki simplification

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