Our agenda:

Follow along on the Live notes on

  1. Registration update (and registration relationship to donations)
  3. website construction: ticket discussion and web site plan and wire frames
  4. Mark from Detroit (?)
  5. Consulta online form
    1. feedback
    2. launch date
  6. Program/Culture Workshop forms + feedback + timeline


ICT USSF working group meeting

Scott (Communications, LA), Mark (ICT, Detroit tonight!), Ross (Boston), Ben (Boston), Sha (Resources), Joseph (ICT, Brooklyn), Jamie (ICT, Brooklyn), Mallory(NYC), Alfredo (Brooklyn)

  1. Registration update (and registration relationship to donations)
  • Working on a prototype using CiviEvent.
  • Shooting for deadline of Dec. 15
  • Need to think about donation in conjunctin with registration: prepare mid-december appeal both with and without working registration
  • Next workday: this sunday
  • Need to ensure transfer from Project South to another fiscal sponsor - Alfredo will checkin with Project South to ensure that we can continue online processing even
  1. website construction
  • We should have section about people's stories (could be added under get involved or in the social forum is section or put with featured content)
  • Get involved block is good (could be moved to right so that things that change are in the left column)
  • Say organize three times rather than donate three times
  • Hard to find register - should be added to get involved block and add it to header
  • Change "Location + Logistics" to "Register" (location and logistics can be added closer to the date and in other places)
  • Ensure that Dates and Detroit are in header/logo
  • Teasers vs. headlines? inconclusive - nancy suggests the first news item has a teaser, remainders don't

Jamie will consolidate this into an email to ICT - and will wait until 1:00 pm America/New_York for feedback from ICT before sending to NPC. Then we'll ask for NPC to give feedback by end of Monday.

  1. Mark from Detroit (?)
  • Monday: meeting with Tdka (new local tech organizer)
  • Tuesday: went to detroit local meeting (we need to give a lot of support to detroit logistics committee)
  • Wednesday: met with Kiran/online submission of workshop proposals
  • Thursday: meeting with local tech group
  1. Consulta online form
  1. feedback
  2. launch date
  1. Program/Culture Workshop forms + feedback + timeline
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