Notes: live white board

  • Staff report backs (Mallory and Tdka)
  • Alfredo's alternate to the OC
  • Consulta results
  • Milestone Reports
    • new design launch
    • registration
    • organic groups
  • Preparing for Albuquerque
  • Change of IRC servers (see: #216)

Static copy of notes:

Notes for ICT - December 3, 2009

Present: Joseph, Jamie, Mallory, Mark (for just a minute), Alfredo

 * Staff report backs (Mallory and Tdka)

Mallory: needs to pass off being point person for consulta
Also checked in with Oya from Program/Culture about Detroit Expanded: new idea to use Detroit Expanded to get people to see Detroit - doing tours, concerts ("off campus"). Will be forming project group and have a meeting next week. Detroit Expanded is finally being born!
Last night: had call with Tdka - first meeting
Signed Contract, did other paper work for Michigan Welfare Rights
Official title: National Technology Coordinator
Suggestion: add tag to bottom of email
Now using 

 * Alfredo's alternate to the OC

Have a meeting tomorrow
Defer to next meeting (not enough people on this call)

 * Consulta results

Need participation: based on last nights call - can't be involved in the consulta results process
They are stuck on turning zip codes into city
Josue is a possibility: Mallory will contact Josue to ask

 * Milestone Reports
   o new design launch: next step is getting design drafts from DAC. Jamie will keep us posted
   o registration: registration is in place - only remaining pieces are the pricing structure and organization hooks so they can edit their entries after the fact, translation. ICT position: keep things simple for user experience, better projection, easier to communicate how other people can subsidize registration fees for other organizations. What is formal process for approval? What working groups need to approve it? Mallory will investigate what kind of approval procedures are necessary?
   o workshops - Mark is working on this - it's not gone very far, but seems to be on a solid ground
   o organic groups - great point of entry for projects - to get people in small affinity groups to start organizing. 
     See example: We discussed calendaring: we need to really ensure that this is easy to use and widely used

 * Preparing for Albuquerque/NPC Call. Table for next meeting. January 7 - 9 is the meeting time. 

 * Change of IRC servers (see: #216): approved!!
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