Standing Agenda

  1. Otra
    1. Upgrade CiviCRM - high priority, see #265
    2. OC/Report back; Registration and Workshop forms work, impact of Sha and B's proposal on the launch dates, ict strategy
    3. NPC agenda points
  2. Milestones
    1. Website update
  3. Staff report-back
    1. Mallory
    2. Tdka
  4. Housekeeping

Request: Except for the last item, can we reverse the order of the agenda? I (and maybe others?) have to be off the call by 7:15pm. Thanks, Sylvia


Present: Mark, Alfredo, Ross, Sylvia, Jamie, Tdka, Mallory

  • We agreed to do the civi upgrade Thu, Dec, 31 as part of the IRC registration
  • Given the additional needs from the Sha/B proposal - there's a concern about our ability to have registration happen on time
  • Was Sha/B proposal's agreed to on the ICT? Yes, it was.
  • Sylvia: Process has been a push from a number of different directions for decisions to be made - this proposal didn't get enough feedback. Communication has been really hard, especially in last week. Proposal to prioritize existing commitments plus additional contact information, but de-prioritize other parts of the proposal.
  • Mark: needs buy-in from people about what are the minimal necessities for registration going live
  • We're deciding that we can put it in additional contact fields into registration for milestone 3 - we will have discussions about how to collect extra info after milestone 3 is completed
  • Tdka report back: went to logistics meeting on the 29th. Written report has been sent by email: general lay of the land here, description of dloc, plans for next month, committees are all in different stages of development, retention of information between meetings is lacking
  • General feeling: USSF organizers that want to work on www site should be given a login and encouraged to do so
  • Mallory report back: OC call last week, difficulty understanding role on the OC, working with Ross on the organize site, moving forward I would like to contact working groups to understand what each WG is doing and figure out collaboration, ask OC reps to update their WG info on the page, prepare for Albuquerque.
  • Plans for more outreach to people on the ICT list? To get better participation on the ICT phone calls. Concern about outreach without having ability to incorporate. Possibility of code sprints in other cities. Aim to invite people into meetings - people who have worked with us in the past. Project groups is where we can grow.
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