Live Notes:


  1. Introductions
    1. New WG members: Nora from Gender Justice WG
    2. others?
  2. Staff report-back
    1. Mallory
    2. Tdka
  3. Otra
    1. OC/NPC meetings report: Alfredo & Mallory
    2. WSF civiCRM
    3. #298
  4. Milestones
    1. Upcoming 3 includes Workshop Proposals and Registration & Website tweaks
  5. Housekeeping
    1. Weekly meetings


  • Scott, LA from Communications
  • Tdka, Detroit from ICT
  • Riley, DC (indymedia) from DC Social Forum also from ICT 2007
  • Jamie, NYC from MF/PL and ICT
  • Nora, NYC from GJWG liaison and pro-choice public ed project
  • Mallory, MFPL, national tech coord ICT
  • Alfredo MFPL, co-chair ict
  • Joseph ICT, late

Gender Justice WG

Vibrant analysis around gender and sexuality for inclusion in all working groups across the social forum. On logistics, for example, if all spaces are inclusive for people with varying gender identities, such as bathrooms. Nora is the liaison to ICT but we want to open this discussion for gender analysis within the ICT, make online technology accessible for women a group that is often underrepresented in technology development. Also need representation from GJWG on communications. Because the presence of women and the status of women in technology is a huge issue that developed technology perpetuates sexism. These attitudes persist even in the USSF, but it is part of our struggle as the ICT working group. This is also true with regards to the inclusion of people of color. Collaboration with the GJWG+ICT relies on this analysis. A lot of the work going back and forth on the ict mailing list seems highly technical. Where is the decision making on technology and how it looks? In addition to the email list, we're also making decisions in our bi-monthly calls, and in work sessions (both face-to-face and irc).

Staff Reports

Mallory report back: ABQ very important for touching base with other WGs. tStaff group formed for ABQ NPC--so three groups/levels of organization (NPC and OC and staff group). Set-up applications online and voting form for new NPC members, wiki training, then offering general support for various requests (caravans, website appeals). Face to face meetings very important.

Tdka report back: sent out work plan (every two months), working with/supporting anchors and DLOC as well as volunteers, assess building needs and procure hardware, etc., newsletters for local meetings (work with Adele), got a projector (yeah!), start using basecamp or smartsheet for organizing local committee work plans.

How can donations can be tagged and tied to certain activities (Victor with DLOC).

Monday night meeting for core group (Staff, chair, etc.) 8 EST.

Smart sheets and base camp replaced by the site that the ict is developing? Solution is needed to get all committees on the local level on the same page because some are self-organized and others are woefully behind. Things are about to heat up and Tdka and Jamie can hopefully collaborate on how to support the local organizing efforts.

Three weeks to a month, Alfredo plans a trip to Detroit to work with Tdka and get oriented to Detroit. What's the situation with the number of computers that we have stored?

OC/NPC meetings report: Alfredo & Mallory

Online Notes from OC:

  • Lots of people wanted forms, had idea that ICT could just produce them instantly, particularly for Culture submissions
  • Comm working group has been revived
  • Lots of respect for ICT as political entity has risen significantly
  • New NPC members approved
  • Staff budget approved
  • Plenary visioning team formed
  • Registration rates approved
  • Consulta tracks finalized (sent to ICT list)
  • Decision made on access to database: all npc reps may have access to the database for sending announcements (and all use of it will be transparent)


WSF trying to consolidate their contacts--may want to use the civicCRM platform; how can ICT assist? Easy to set-up something to do email blasts, but they don't have language data. Timeline depends on PoA event at the end of the month. Need to move forward out of solidarity with the WSF technology organizing, notify NPC/ISC of this collaboration.

#298 == "Press room" for

Two points: asking for ICT to do content update and weigh-in on online media strategy

Need for establishing press contacts easily on the web. Communications/press has a space on the website to link to press releases and stories via RSS plus contact information. Beyond that, press and media makers' approach to the website to find the information they need to cover our work.

Quick solution #1: communications needs empowerment/login to update pages.

Short-term solution #2: Put contact information and press room link on the contact page. Long-term solution would include redesigning the website for content display.

Mallory and Scott will check-in about how to create pages.

Weekly meetings

Is it time to do calls each week?

We're still 6 months out, so maybe pulling ourselves into serious work each week is a bit preemptive and puts us in danger of burning out. We're able to keep working on this schedule for now. 9 pm on the East coast is a bit late.

Perhaps the "off" week could be staff meetings with Tdka, Mallory, and Alfredo with anyone else welcome.

No decision, keeping bi-monthly schedule, staff meetings update TBA.

Milestone 3

Registration and workshop proposals new target date is January 21, 2010. This weekend is a 3-day long work session to accomplish our list.

Milestone 4 is set for *.

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