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  1. Introductions
    1. New WG members
  2. Staff report-back
    1. Mallory
    2. Tdka
  3. Otra
    1. People's Media Center
    2. USSF's ABCs
    3. Paypal
    4. organize site meeting
    5. online support
    6. ramping up outreach (Projects)
    7. online cultural submissions
  4. Milestones
    1. Finished: 3
    2. New: 4
  5. Housekeeping

Present: Scott, Jamie, Mark, Alfredo, Mallory, Sylvia, Arthur, Tdka, Nora, Arthur

  1. Introductions
    1. New WG members - Welcome from Arthur calling in from Mexico, with developer experience
    2. Brian (not on call) - expressed interest - Indy Media Center
  2. Staff report-back
  1. Mallory: interfaced with other working groups.
  • ICT: available on various projects, helping on organize site
  • Media and Communications: Just spoke on the phone with Adele about People Media Center - start of the organizing. We are putting a call out for a february 17 call at 9:00 pm eastern. PMC = a bunch of computers, space during the forum. Adele is on the board of Allied Media Project (which puts on AMC)
  • World Social Forum: CiviCRM - helping them with some of the work we've done for the USSF
  • International Solidarity team: created web form to get feedback about participation - no submissions :(.
  • Peoples Movement Assembly: taking with Steph and Genaro (and keeping Jamie and Josue in the loop)
  • Program and Culture: getting culture submission online, need to check in and get feedback
  • Submitted Grant application for detroit expanded
  • Youth Call: expressed interest in wiki training, but haven't heard a response
  • Creating/Answering tickets, emails etc.
  • Keeping up on upcoming conferences
  1. Tdka

  • Under the weather
  • Focus on the ground: logistics, outreach, culture (mostly logistics)
  • Putting together program management system
  • Outreach is not developing at the pace that it should be - want to use technology, will use the color printers that we have for flyers
  • Logistics: met with them last night, plan saturday to have software up and running
  • Met with Maureen
  • DLOC meeting tuesday night - 100 - 120 people at the meeting
  • Call out to organizations for donations. Problem is that it's mostly junk they are trying to get tax write off for
  • Will put online our specs of tech that we need
  • Putting together committee to improve conditions around dloc - projection, flyers, professionalize the meetings more
  • Need to have a system in Detroit for inputting walk-in registrations--he'll coordinate w/ Victor, Maureen and Mark

8:00 pm, Monday: Weekly Staff meeting

  1. Otra
    1. People's Media Center--call Wed 2/17 at 9pm EST. Need to encourage people to become journalists, shooting for what we had in Atlanta (60 - 80). Aspiration has offered 20 laptops. Hoping for 150.
    2. USSF's ABCs: PMA, outreach package - combining PMA with detroit expanded, caravans and other outreach efforts
    3. Paypal: transition from project south to praxis should be complete (otherwise there's a problem). Also: finance - please research better payment processor (save money + politically better than paypal). Scott: may need to change payment processor for custom donation pages
    4. organize site meeting: about our - still just a foundation, and starting to be used - several needs (user accounts, profiles, user list page, project organic groups). Need a meeting - before Feb. 10.
    5. online support: email vs. ticket? Email is un-manageable, but people are intimidated by trac.
    6. ramping up outreach (Projects): now we want to ramp up participation of techies. Mark/Alfredo will work on figuring out new forms/plans for moving forward
    7. online cultural submissions: it's a cck type. Some mis-communication with oya about latest version, needs feedback
  2. Milestones
    1. Finished: 3
    2. New: 4
  3. Housekeeping
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