1. Introductions
    1. New WG members: Mark Burdett, Indybay & mesh network project
  2. Staff report-back
    1. Mallory March report
    2. Tdka
  3. Otra
    1. Proprietary link policy (COMM and ICT proposals to NPC)
    2. ICT trainings (website navigation for organizers, editing, support request system)
    3. Budget
    4. ICT event at the AMC (deadline March 12) AMC-workshop
    5. Additional fields to registration form
  4. Milestones
    1. deadline for 4, sprint this Friday
    2. re-work our roadmap for the upcoming OC meeting
  5. Housekeeping
    1. extra OC-prep call?
    2. weekly Friday IRC work sessions


Scott, Jamie, Adele, Mark B, Alfredo, Tdka, Sylvia, Mallory, Ross

Date: 2010-03-11


  1. New WG members: Mark Burdett, Indybay & mesh network project

Mark B, Indybay: open source mesh networking, decentralized community wireless network. 20 nodes, each access point can be plugged into its own internet connection; can relay multiple connections for sharing internet capacity on network. use at events for temp wireless ntwks. need for ussf? they're reliable. can also be a backup netwk. good for others interested in their town for local ntwks, little cost. sky's the limit...

why needed at ussf? cobo hall needs wireless boost; introduce this technology to social forum people; wifi is a major avenue of liberation!

mallory and mark b. will review cobo maps (maybe hart plaza) for reviewing wireless needs. this is exciting!

detroit digital justice coalition has applied for federal grant to get wireless access in city.

this will be set up day before, remember: fireworks and many people on plaza...any set up interference?

Staff report-back

  1. Mallory: see wiki report
  2. Tdka: has set up computers, virus cleaning in ussf office (specifically for registration needs); spending 2 days/wk helping out in office; working with logistics and culture committees; setting up smartsheets for project mgmt; working w/ 3 admins on outreach comm, including phone banking and helping move things fwd. will turn in report in 1-2 days.

Alfredo & Mallory spent a few days in detroit--good experience, visits with dloc, staff, and others; visited cobo hall-more than adequate space, many logistical problems in 2007 look can be solved this time in current space. social forum "village" area across from windsor, canada, may have a few challenges.


  1. Proprietary link policy (COMM and ICT proposals to NPC)

Question arose from comm wg to put facebook logo on ussf homepage to link up. heated discussion on ticket: some say yes, others opposed as is proprietary corp site. others say needed for outreach and publicity. agreement that organizing on facebook is important but do we put logo on homepage?

one compromise: no corp logo on home page but on an internal page and discuss what that means. still working out details of what compromise could look like.

any other feedback, overview? original ticket was about placing a link but now elevated to level that we need policy, may go to npc for a vote. now ict and comm wgs will come up w/ proposals then go to npc for a vote.

hoping we can get to a compromise w/ ict, comms (and outreach) and not go to npc unless we have to; get clarity on our proposals and the compromise.

adele recently met with folks in nyc; sylvia has talked with jamie and alfredo, also asked for clarity on ict wg call between ict and mayfirst--get ict group decision with who shows up for this call.

compromise draft plan...

perhaps we need npc to vote on political issues like this. npc make take much time reviewing and signing off on. if ict/comm gs come to agreement on language then npc will likely not vote against. we can attempt to come to agreement, share with npc, ask for feedback and go off with blessing.

what is the ict position? opinions: no facebook links on ussf website--one built on FOSS tools, practically not good idea, politically compromising; ict should agree to a compromise based on what david proposed, i.e link on "connect" page w/o corp logos or a variation; other opinions? get links on site somewhere, esp for young folks using the site/tools.

sylvia on front page and access, language on it: since original DAC design we're now seeing other needs/wants--how determine how those changes get made on this "real estate"?

if tools go "inside" we'll need it clear on the front page what people are going to/clicking on. we're having a problem with who manages content on the website--currently ict manages much, not a good idea, could do harm in long term. some working groups don't have time, know how. propose something to oc?

comms wg has taken up much. is navigation content? are links content? not always obvious how to change navigation.

this has been a painful process but good for relationship building, and building systems. trainings with ict and comms wg? esp on navigation and how it works, different access?

we can train folks how deal with homepage? difficult to make incremental changes to homepage because are artists design decisions, change look, how divide up the real estate of it? may need to go back to DAC for new sketches--can take a month to do, may need to start asap and do incremental changes. discuss during oc during website trainings?

decision? active ict folks would likely be comfortable with alfredo, mallory, tdka and ross opinion to support david's comm opinion recommendation. so this majority opinion will move forward. sylvia differs.

alfredo: ict has power over homepage of ussf--feels really uncomfortable to him. requests for changes have to go thru ict wg, people hesitant if the changes are difficult and take much time. really reflect ussf leadership wants/needs?

process for navigation? we have requests/needs for linking our mother websites, plus scott has posted other tickets for requests. asking DAC for another design could be lengthy. has ideas with david for a wireframe.

3-4 on ict have tech knowledge to make changes: mallory, jamie, joseph, ross, mark, alfredo--once move one thing can affect other things. hard to address tickets individually.

ross: there's nothing modular about the homepage--adding things can screw up other things. navigation thru drop downs in bar could be a solution and fairly easy to do, instead of static links.

  1. ICT trainings (website navigation for organizers, editing, support request system)--1-2x/week, do in manageable way. do 1 hr trainings on phone, variety of tech topics for ussf organizers. come out with trainees who can help others, esp w/ registration.

Training topics (working w/ Mark D on getting on planning wiki and signups): on-going civicrm; per ABQ mtg: have all npc members have access; abc site: pma input, brigades; editing contents on all sites (drupal sites); wiki trainings (thru Mark D); maybe part of drupal training can be what's editable, access, where find things.

at oc: overview of what's going on

later: address how to further build on existing sites for more self-organized pages (e.g., housing) to link up people. Tdka will send more info next week. Mallory or Jamie can explain how to do it.

  1. Budget--ict will submit supplementary budget for needs beyond what's already been submitted for hardware in core cost budget; all wg's also have $1500 discretionary monies
  1. ICT event at the AMC (deadline March 12)--many possible, creative possibilities related (or not) to ussf; adele: helping to organize a women of color skill share; idea: how leave something behind to make detroit better after the ussf, link up with detroit digital justice coalition--low tech/high tech possibilities thru ict wg? other workshops on ussf proposed for amc yet? not known yet. ict-ussf process and problem solving processes? build on-going mesh network in detroit? mallory will draft proposal.
  1. Additional fields to registration form -- outreach had requested several fields to system, deprioritized at time to get registration launched and reconsider later. now want: selected sector you ID with, local networks, national networks you're part of. jamie: still trying to understand outreach strategy--feels we should just do the changes they want. sylvia: this feels like a big shift from the comms wg, facebook debate. alfredo: as a wg ict has enormous power to not implement things, we should take care to not raise big political questions because there are no challenges to the technology principles. sylvia: glad to see this decision but we're still negotiating the comms/facebook issue when this also feels like a challenge on tech principles, esp in that ict should be part of the process for reviewing. mallory: part of it was about data collection and need for political points.

tdka: gotta have the give and take; people shouldn't just be allowed to place tickets, simplicity is the issue around websites to get at what you want to; need a framework to shorten that work.


  1. deadline for 4, sprint this Friday--jamie has recoded them, deadline march 22, close most before then
  2. re-work our roadmap for the upcoming OC meeting


  1. extra OC-prep call? 9pm EST, tues 3/23
  2. weekly Friday IRC work sessions
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