1. Introductions
  2. Report from OC meeting: Alfredo
  3. Staff report-back
    1. Mallory April report
    2. Tdka
  4. Otra
    1. Developer report: update on latest features: jamie
    2. Troubleshooting process: Tdka
    3. National & local outreach
    4. Bolivia climate change conference: jamie/mallory
  5. Milestones & Work sessions
    1. deadline for 4, passed and onto 5
    2. ...
  6. Housekeeping
    1. tomorrow's weekly Friday IRC work session

Notes: 2010-04-08 Present: Jamie, Ross, Mallory, Alfredo, Mark, Tdka, Sylvia

A small group!

Report from the Organizing Committee meeting:

  • About 50 people
  • Tour of Cobo Hall: saw room selected as media center and registration area. It's HUGE. Outdoor theaters, area next to river. Local organizers did a great job
  • We have a large area for registration - giant entry area
  • Good meeting with communications working group. Discussed joint working and planning - including moving the web site from ICT to Comms working group
  • Mallory, Alfredo, and Jamie all did a lot of one-on-ones, helping with problems, etc.
  • We planned 2-hour session on Saturday - Mallory, Alfredo and Jamie (and we pulled in Josue). From the start of the presentation - we had angry reactions from people about things that don't work, people can't use this. It became so overwhelming that Mallory could not continue the presentation. That presentation was disrupted and we were not able to give it. That was the low point of the meeting.
  • People have pent up frustration over last few months, want things done "faster"
  • Need for smooth support process
  • Tough meeting, but we also did a lot positive things as well. It's nothing personal - and that people have interest in the technology is a real step forward for the movement

Staff Reports back:

  • Mallory: Media Center, Detroit Expanded, and International Solidarity Team; participated in coding sprint; trying to work with on trainings; info session at Blue Stockings; in France working with world social forum people techies - video/media piece is important - learned and shared about video/media tools that are free/open source software
  • Tdka: Onsite, i'm handing out cards now. logistics, outreach, and dloc and anchor are where I'm doing the most work. Getting cards out and people signed up. Keeping the computers working at the welfare rights office. Working on getting donations of equipment (including computer repair shop); have about 25 computer available for $25 or so apiece; support calls - part of the difficulty is cultural - they talk down and dirty - but not personal, we should stand tall; I've put myself in the phone call situation - I will be point person for most calls - I've got 12 now; most are basic things that can't get done

Recent development changes:

  • Modify registration, pay, add registrants. Next phase, allow admins to do it for others (joseph will have live by early next week hopefully)
  • Tech support issues: login-related mostly
  • new server being shipped to take heavy traffic on community & organize sites

Troubleshooting: is there a way to get a confirmation number or easy way to track if someone registered for the USSF? we'll need something to demonstrate this for solidarity housing and travel solidarity funds. this will be added to capacity building meetings. possibly we create a civicrm database team to help manage that info.

National & local outreach:

Bolivia climate change conference: jamie/mallory

  • both will be out of country during 4/20 workshop deadline, will need other techies to help in case of problems. they'll be helping with tech and learning more about web casting (?)

Milestones: lingering 4 requests

  • ICT has gotten thru lots of tickets (thanks, Ross, for taking on so many!)
  • Mallory will look for outlier tickets

Housekeeping: IRC meeting tomorrow?

  • we need an meeting for functionality we haven't done yet (e.g. blogs), ICT techs
  • multiple site overview and multi-wg meeting?
  • end-to-end online support meeting, ICT: Wednesday afternoon 3pm EDT
  • national & local outreach meeting
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