1. Introductions
  2. Staff report-back
    1. Mallory April-May report
    2. Tdka
  3. Otra
    1. report back from registration call
    2. report back FSM Mexico and WSF IC meetings - mallory
    3. Online Media Center
    4. techie housing tech-house?
    5. proposal for June/NPC meeting - Jamie
    6. online support team
    7. extra cpu's for community
  4. Milestones & Work sessions
    1. This weekend


  1. Introductions: Simon, Mallory, Ross, Joseph, Mark, Tdka, Jamie, Alfredo, Sylvia, Glen
  2. Staff report-back
    1. Mallory April-May report ( International outreach, techie housing
    2. Tdka: Registration, gathering donated computers
  3. Otra
    1. report back from registration call


  1. Online Media Center:

Proposal to PMC here ( to be discussed next week Bring a Buck, Bike, Book, and a Byte Bonanza! perhaps computer prep could be coordinated with AMC? Diana Nucera G8/G20 link via streaming URL for techie workshop ideas:

  1. techie housing tech-house

Call out for techies to participate and volunteer guarantees room and board! (albeit humble)

  1. Setup

Call out for setup for PMC needed help for Cobo Hall computer setup for vendors?

  1. proposal for June/NPC meeting - Jamie

This is what we'd like to take to the NPC next week. Three areas of focus:

  1. Access: face-to-face is exclusionary so make a top priority working with folks that cannot come Detroit Expanded
    1. live video streaming: 6 hours per day
    2. live audio streaming for anyone with microphone & laptop
    3. on-demand video
    4. online media center includes blogging
    5. mesh network for internet access
    6. bbb software (demo at for interactive communication during specific times. Toronto G8/G20, global
  2. Organizing: ICT should focus on facilitating horizontal organizing by supporting communication. Build up the ability for participants to communicate with participants.
    1. Make it very easy for workshop organizers to bring people into their events
    2. SMS
    3. Identify issue areas and enable anyone to send emails based on labor, region, etc.; database access
  3. Support: users of technology, namely registration, PMC, mesh networks, vendors, and tents to debug, trouble shoot, and deal with as they arise

Make kiosks part of our proposal We'll also have to spend time working on registration with the NPC

  1. online support team - Mark

  1. extra cpu's for community

Technical need and ongoing monitoring of resources usage of the database/CiviCRM website

  1. Milestones & Work sessions
    1. This weekend, Saturday noon - Monday @ Open Flows 4th St btw A/B, East Village NYC
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