The Big Picture

Below is a big picture snap shot of the ICT's work plan leading up to June 2010. See the tech priorities identified by the NPC meeting in October 2009 in Atlanta. These are referred to by letter in the plan below.


  • DONE Registration and workshop submission (priority B)
  • DONE Social Networking site: basic functionality of collaboration tools for horizontal organizing of USSF participants


  • DONE Social Networking site: workshop review tools/improvements (e.g. to link people submitting similar proposals, allow program working group to contact submitters for additional information, etc)
  • DONE Cultural Event submission form made public
  • DONE Collaboration with Language Access to develop tools for facilitating translation (priority I)
  • DONE Additions/Fixes to registration
  • DONE Develop project-based Organic Groups (facilitating organizing volunteers and project workers, etc.)


  • STARTED Local Detroit computer infrastructure planning for social forum (priority C and D)
  • STARTED Outreach/recruitment to expand ICT: Detroit (priority J)
  • STARTED Social Networking site: system for entering workshop rooms/locations and scheduling sessions
  • DONE Develop online tools to support international requests (visa's and what not)
  • STARTED Proposal and discussion (with several other work groups) of plans for the media lab: how is it going to run, who is going to run it???
  • NOT DONE Tools/Organic Groups for people organizing informal sessions/trainings (mid-March)
  • NOT DONE Online trainings and how-to support for organizers and participants


  • Outreach/recruitment to expand ICT: national
  • AMC DONE Logistics support: Solidarity Housing mechanism (and "Want-Needs" board)
  • Begin planning on-site mesh network for wired/wireless networks and online connectivity.
  • Social Networking site: user interaction with scheduling (choose sessions you intend to go to, publish those intentions, find others also planning to attend/organize sessions you are interested in, etc.)
  • Social Networking site: user support and help/documentation (priority G)
  • Identify storage for and begin acquiring computers for registration and media center use (100 - 200) (priority C and D)
  • Infrastructure and Outreach for Detroit Expanded


  • DONE Design user interface and workflow for onsite registration processing (priority B)
  • Social Networking site: user support and help/documentation (priority G)
  • DONE Social Networking site: Develop system for exporting sessions titles and schedule in format use-able by USSF 2010 catalog designer
  • Develop system for mass formating and installation of linux on conference computers (priority C and D)
  • Social Networking site: Develop system for identifying local organizations to donate computers acquired for the social forum
  • Social Networking site: Develop Text messaging/SMS capability


  • Training of registration volunteers (priority G)
  • Mass formatting of all computers (priority C and D)
  • Computer setup (priority C and D)
  • Organize 100 tech volunteers to ensure smooth functioning of technology during the forum (priority C, D, G, and J)
  • Computer re-distribution (post-form)


  • Distribution of evaluation
  • Shift focus to continuing organizing and dialog post forum/prep for next forum
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