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    7070To help with organizing your event, please visit to register and create a group. You may invite other collaborators to your group where you can create information pages about your event, collaborate on outreach materials, and finalize your plans for connection.
     72=== Schedule ===
     73||06/23/10 10:00 AM||UAW Building: Ford||Precious Cargo on HWY H2O: Lasting Impacts on the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence River||
     74||06/23/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: DO-01B||We Call These Projects Home: Taking Action to Realize a New Vision for Public Housing||
     75||06/23/10 03:30 PM||Woodward Academy: 1439||Micro-democracia y empresas sociales||
     76||06/24/10 10:00 AM||Cobo Hall: D3-16||Building Cross-Continental Grassroots Resistance to U.S. Militarization - Strategy session connecting the United States Social Forum and the SOA Watch Encuentro in Venezuela||
     77||06/24/10 03:30 PM||Cobo Hall: D2-09||Control of Public Media as a Social Justice Issue: Lessons from Latin America and the U.S.||
     78||06/24/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: DO-02A||Connecting Art, Thought, and Politics||
     79||06/25/10 03:30 PM||Wayne County Community College: 23A||Pathways to Sustainable Self-Governance: Democratic Open-Source Food and Manufacturing Networks||
     80||06/25/10 10:00 AM||Cobo Hall: D3-25||Redefining the American Dream: Invitation to build a Youth-led Urban Progressive Alliance||
     81||06/25/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: DO-02A||Flujos-Vivos Live CD Broadcast Internet Radio!||
     82||06/23/10 10:00 AM||Cobo Hall: D2-10||From Racial Profiling to Workers' Rights: Advancing Human Rights at Home||
     83||06/23/10 10:00 AM||Cobo Hall: M2-29||Body Politics: Toward a Radical Redefinition of Freedom/Movement/Beauty||
     84||06/23/10 10:00 AM||Cobo Hall: DO-03C||The Art of Community Rebuilding: ROOTS in West Baltimore||
     85||06/23/10 10:00 AM||TWW: 5||Cultural Pioneer Training: Join the Corps of Pioneers Working for a Sustainable Society||
     86||06/23/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: DO-4B||Rebuilding Communities, Transforming Lives||
     87||06/23/10 01:00 PM||Woodward Academy: 1470||DIY New Media: Creating and Maintaining an Activist Presence using Websites, Blogs, Audio/Podcasts and SMS||
     88||06/23/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: D3-21||A hard worker is a safe worker: An OSHA workplace health and safety training for and by day laborers||
     89||06/23/10 01:00 PM||WSU Student Center: 261||Breaking the Pipeline||
     90||06/23/10 03:30 PM||WSU Old Main: 1114||Redemption Songs: (Re)claiming cities for ecovation solutions from Atlanta to Detroit||
     91||06/23/10 03:30 PM||Cobo Hall: D3-21||Green For All! The Role of Arts and Culture to Build a Movement for an Inclusive Green Economy||
     92||06/24/10 10:00 AM||Cobo Hall: O2-39||Green For All! Making The Dream Real: Best Practices and Success Stories from Grassroots Organizers, Trainers and Practitioners||
     93||06/24/10 10:00 AM||TWW: Fourier||Refugiados Economicos: Inmigración, la Desigualdad Económica y sus raices.||
     94||06/24/10 10:00 AM||Cobo Hall: D2-08||Exploring Human Rights -- Action and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities||
     95||06/24/10 10:00 AM||Cobo Hall: D2-11||Building an anti-racist anti-war movement: From the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan to the unemployment lines in the USA||
     96||06/24/10 12:00 PM||Cobo Hall: PMC||Migration||
     97||06/24/10 01:00 PM||Westin Book Cadillac Hotel: WB4||Workers Rights are Human Rights - Strategies for Gaining Power||
     98||06/24/10 01:00 PM||WSU Student Center: 29||The World Cup, Sports and Social Justice: The Beautiful Game and the Beautiful Struggle, Together||
     99||06/24/10 01:00 PM||WSU Old Main: 143||Disaster Capitalism from Hurricane Katrina to the Haiti Earthquake and Beyond||
     100||06/24/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: W2-58||U.S. Techie Congress||
     101||06/24/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: DO-02B||Venezuela Bolivariana: Building la revolution from community||
     102||06/25/10 10:00 AM||WSU Old Main: 1107||The Heartbeat of Organizing: Utilizing Communication to Find your Pulse||
     103||06/25/10 10:00 AM||Cobo Hall: D3-22||Borders, Buildings and Bounding: Cross Cutting Solutions to Displacement and Devaluation of Communities of Color||
     104||06/25/10 10:00 AM||Woodward Academy: auditorium||Online to Offline and Back Again: How Organizing Works in 2010 and Beyond||
     105||06/25/10 10:00 AM||Cobo Hall: O2-41||Community Empowerment  -Grassroots Advocacy -  How to make Human Rights A Reality||
     106||06/25/10 10:00 AM||Woodward Academy: 1475||A Radical Experiment in New Economics:||
     107||06/25/10 10:00 AM||Cobo Hall: D3-20||Mapping and integrating the solidarity economy||
     108||06/25/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: W2-61||Economic Oppression & Possible Solutions for People with Disabilities to Gain Employment||
     109||06/25/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: O2-37||They Say Get Back, We Say Fight Back: Welfare Organizing in The Current Political Climate||
     110||06/25/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: O2-36||Juvenile Justice Reform||
     111||06/25/10 01:00 PM||UAW Building: 1032||Seizing Opportunity: Plotting for a New Majority Future||
     112||06/25/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: W2-65||The Zapatista's Other Campaign  Breaking Down Borders: Live Cross-Border Dialogue with Mexico||
     113||06/25/10 01:00 PM||WSU Prentis: 15||Deep Conscious Capitalism - A Mindful Economic System Change Experiment||
     114||06/25/10 01:00 PM||WSU Student Center: 277||Grassroots Media and Movements for Justice||
     115||06/25/10 01:00 PM||Cobo Hall: D3-24||Off Grid and Unplugged: Sustainable Lifestyle Choices & Renewable Resistance||
     116||06/25/10 03:30 PM||Woodward Academy: 1449||Into the Unknown: Being Present and Open to New Futures||
     117||06/25/10 03:30 PM||WSU Student Center: 277||Grassroots Media Networks v Immigrant Criminalization: Shifting the Debate||