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Lessons from Detroit 2010: A Final Report

'Below are some reminders for including perspectives in the final report as suggested by the post-USSF OC meeting on June 29, 2010'

  • what happened (tech house, techie congress, people's media center, registration, communications/website, online media center, detroit expanded, video streaming, language, resources and equipment,
  • who made it happen (may first/people link, open flows, radical reference, motor city free geek, riseup!, twin cities imc, indybay, aspiration tech, radical designs, progressive technology project, agaric design, world education relief, free speech tv, earthcycles, sociologists without borders; local support from kevin, glen, lou, tdka, ife)
  • political contributions, issues, implementations, and implications
  • what worked
  • lessons and what didn't work
  • recommendations