ICT Issues for NPC Meeting - October 2009

Phone call to discuss:

Wednesday, October 21, 12:00 pm

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4825
Participant Access Code: 866209#
  • Main goals for NPC meetings:
    • Collaborative Democracy workshop on the topic of priorities for technology work with the entire NPC (1 hour needed). Raise this need for an agenda item on Thursday night OC meeting (rep: Sylvia). What do we, the ICT, think? Should we do this exercise together remotely, as in, all participants of the ICT are encouraged to do this exercise with help from the larger NPC? Results:
    • Summary of ICT accomplishments to date (5 - 10 minutes needed). Ask for during the Thursday OC meeting to introduce this conversation sometime during the NPC meetings, as an agenda item. Jamie broke down our tickets such that our work can be presented. Summary write up has been started.
    • Fight for our hires as soon as possible, if staggered hiring is adopted. Personnel committee or resources committee? When to bring up?
  • Tangential ICT considerations:
    • WSF IC delegation: USSF ICT representation at the WSF Communications Commission report back. Proposal to get WSF Technology working group absorbed into the USSF ICT.
    • Consulta: Presentation of the form to NPC during Program/Culture agenda item.
    • Detroit Expanded: Not for the NPC agenda, but finding time to talk with the Outreach working group about adopting this topic. Main point and goal: this is not primarily an ICT project thus it needs to be taken on by a sub-committee of outreach. Lessons learned from WSF Belem 2009.
    • Wiki Training: Who is presenting? This is on the agenda and possibly an opportune time to discuss other issues about working groups controlling their own organizing space. Also, how does reinforcing use of the wiki impact our plans for
    • Mark in Detroit: Mark is going to Detroit - pre planning considerations?
  • General political points:
    • Role of fundraising, lessons learned from 2007
    • Role of free software, only in exceptional cases can proprietary software be used by the USSF
    • Techies are organizers as well as techies
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