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Present: Alfredo, Jamie, Ross, Mallory, Arthur, Mark, Sylvia, Josue


  1. Organic Group types
    1. Workshops (occur after someone submits a proposal)
    2. Orgs and ad-hoc groups (occur after register, get tagged that USSF registered and joins others registered under that group, plan to expand for ad hoc organizing)
    3. Projects (specific to Detroit 2010 official forum organizing sponsored by working groups, organizing tool kit, launch soon for list of areas of work, can be WG sponsored)
  2. Capabilities for Organic Groups
    1. mailing lists? (when shut down lists? decouple? deal w/ mailman interface? are created/deleted w/ organic groups. safety mechanism for spam? & forums? (synced w/ mailman list) & commenting? & notifications?
    2. webforms (viable to do anything? public and editable by anyone? easy to create and use on drupal, questions around permissions, maybe too difficult) & polling?
    3. pages (pathauto is fixed #320, disable element upon creation for og ownership. tutorial available?)
    4. external (sends an email) / internal (add as member) invitations
    5. events (site-wide?, individual group calendar)
    6. displays organic group members' blogs
    7. settings to turn off and on capabilities
  3. Individuals
    1. profiles (name, organization, interests, location, other social net identities, og membership)
    2. blogs (individual can link in/out to rss)
    3. find groups with sophisticated group finder terminology?
  4. Workflow
    1. profile creation -> civicrm data collection
    2. Creation of Organization
    3. Enabling modules
    4. My Groups navigation
  5. Views + filtering/searching: mapping #291, calendar, group finder, multimedia, og homepage, profile homepage, people finder
  6. Goal: What do we want people to see? Formatting and style - font size is too big, header, see #285
  7. Training & Education & Orientation--coordinating with other WGs, esp comm and outreach

Next steps

  • Break out tickets for each of the capabilities
  • Work session next weekend February 12
  • Mark and Ross meet on Projects
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