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Live Audio Streaming

See also the live video streaming.


Unlike video streaming (in which we've committed to just one simultaneous stream and will have a single video stream team), the goal with audio streaming is to let anyone in the forum with a computer and a microphone live stream their event. We will then have a web page that will dynamically list all available audio streams.

As with video stream, our goals are free/open source software and maximum availability.

How it might work

Ideally, we would use a web plugin so participants could go to their workshop page on the and click a audio stream button. That would cause the plugin to ask permission to use the laptop microphone, ask for a stream name (and maybe language) and away it would go.

This is possible with video streaming and flash - but that's not free :(. So, this might not be possible.

Alternatively, we'd need simple directions for programs to download (depending on OS) and how to configured them (e.g. using VLC)


We have access to three ice cast servers. They are:

  • ( stream password: usssfstream
  • ( stream password: ussfstream
  • ( stream password: contact Mark B

Please use for now. We will hopefully be doing some kind of load balancing and relaying between them eventually.


A similar setup was used in Cochabamba and very well documented here - unfortunately it's only available in french and spanish:ón_en_vivo