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Live Audio Streaming

See also the live video streaming.

What is live audio streaming?

Live audio streaming means transmitting, as it is happening, audio from the US Social Forum over the Internet so people who are unable to attend the forum can listen to what is happening here.

Where do I watch?

You can watch on the USSF Radio page:

Can I stream?

Yes! Everyone participating in the USSF is encourage to create a live stream.

How do I stream?

Below are directions for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh users.


If you are running linux or unix, we recommend using the darkice program.

On Debian based systems (including Ubuntu) you can use the package manager to install the darkice package. From the command line, it would be:

sudo aptitude install darkice

Next, download the sample darkice.cfg file available at the bottom of this page.

Read and edit the file as needed (directions are comments at the top of the file).

Then, plug in a mic to your computer and type:

darkice -c path/to/darkice.cfg

You should see your stream at: