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The US Social Forum is committed to the safety, security, and privacy of information and experience for all contributors. Anyone who participates in the USSF through online or virtual tools agrees to respect and abide by the following democratic guidelines. The USSF Information, Communication and Technology Working Group is tasked with upholding the USSF technology principles and maintaining these USSF data and security policies.

User Terms and Conditions

The following behaviors are inconsistent with a respectful and abiding participation in the USSF process:

  • Entering false registration data or impersonation.
  • Entering information about an individual without their expressed consent.
  • Hacking the site, its server, or other online infrastructure.
  • Using the site or the site's information (i.e. user data) without permission from the NPC.

You may enter an individual's information if they are members of your organization, have given expressed consent, and are given control of their information for future contact and use.

In the spirit of sharing infrastructure built for the Social Forum and to ensure that our work is re-used throughout the movement, you may ask for a copy of the website purged of its unique user data for your own or your organization's use. You may also request a purged copy of the database to help you more effectively submit code patches or otherwise support the project.

User Data Privacy Policy


All technology users and developers commit to transparency, empowering cooperation & collaboration at every level of the organizing process (consistent with WSF Charter of Principles 11). This document is a collaborative, organic, and ongoing effort amongst United States Social Forum National Planning Committee working groups. If you have feedback, we would like your input as well.


Control here refers to both user data and infrastructure. For example, users have control of their personal data, while infrastructure is controlled, owned, and maintained by the organizing body of the US Social Forum, the NPC.

Responsible and responsive developers and users are fundamental to a progressive approach to the Internet. Controlling our online experience means that we will not only preserve and protect our Internet activities but can more easily contribute to the Internet's future. We acknowledge that there are people, mostly through companies, who want to control the Internet for you and, if they can control the way you use the Internet, they can control what you use it for and what you say on it. And, sooner or later, they will. The United States Social Forum Information, Communication, and Technology working group of the National Planning Committee is creating an alternative to corporate control of Internet participation. ICT is committed to giving you full control of your online experience with the USSF. 10. Information is power. Participants must have control over their own data. The National Planning Committee needs to develop a data policy to guide how data collected during the social forum is made available for organizing purposes.

The NPC has committed itself to ten principles, only some are listed here, for the following ends:

  • To protect user control: 'Information is power. Participants must have control over their own data. Data policies guide how contacts collected for the USSF are made available for organizing purposes.'
  • To empower lasting and meaningful movement-building online: 'Develop technology that is useful beyond the forum itself, providing the means to share and exchange information among participants and their organizations.'
  • To maintain a progressive online space: 'Technology decisions will leverage the principles of free and open source software; software free of corporate control, non-proprietary, owned and maintained by the community of developers and users.'


Data gathered for an individual is minimal: email address and name for identifications purposes. An individual can have many relationships as a "Member" of an "Organization". An organization is the unit representing a unique and robust set of contact information. Sometimes an individual will want more than one member relation with an organization.

For progressive activists, security is a very real and often critical need. As activists, we know how important security is and we prioritize thinking about it and implementing security measures that will protect every member's data, identity and access.

We have reduced our scope of what we know about you. Data collection was reduced to Name, email address, and postal code for individuals. Organizational information does not go beyond what could be found on an organization's own website.

Registration on-site or mail-in and on-site check-in requires an organizer of the USSF to enter your data on your behalf.


The infrastructure built to hold your data is encrypted and secure. Those with access are deeply involved in the organizing process of the forum and levels of accountability within this process are in place to ensure that no one with access to the server is not aware of the responsibility that comes with their power. That infrastructure is shared and maintained by members of May First/People Link.

Processing and Use

Individuals and organizations have a right to complete access to their data, and the way it is handled on the Internet. Individuals and organizations should be able to decide how and when to provide data to our site and to decide what's going to be done with it.

Name and email are two points of unique data for which your registration record may be associated and confirmed. We will use your email address to send you messages, unless you opt out of social forum related mailings. We do analysis of regional participation using postal code, but will never associate your postal code with any other portion of your individual record.

We will/will not give your email address to other networks or organizations that request it based on where you live or what your organization does?

If you attend the US Social Forum, your name will be published and available on our website. However, no other information associated with your name will be available to anonymous internet users or bots. Upon registration, a user profile will be automatically created for you at that publicly displays only your name. Additional information in your publicly-viewable profile can only be added by you, modified by you at any time, and at your discretion.


We don't share your information with any entity that is not directly organizing for the US Social Forum on the National Planning Committee or Local Organizing Committee. Ever. Furthermore, email communication will be restricted to social forum events and notices. Other USSF and related sites from which you may receive communications, that have their own Privacy Policies.

Purging (opt out)

Individuals at any time may opt-out of receiving emails. They may change their data and delete their record as they wish. Information about organizations, however, cannot be changed or deleted by any one individual, except an administrator for the online database.