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Review data setup:

  • Event Type: This is used for distinguishing different types of events for reporting purposes. This should be fine to use the options out of the box. Conference should be fine, since we're using the system for only one event.
  • Participant Role: This is set at the event level, not the profile level, so while it might be useful to distinguish between registering participants (contact person?) and participants, ultimately this is getting done with the email requirement and drupal account. I think. So everyone gets Attendee? This is one item on this list that will probably need some discussion.
  • Participant Statuses: This needs to be reviewed but seems pretty logical out of the box.
  • Contribution Type: The payment is tracked by the same system that tracks contributions. There is a category for Event Fee, so running reports of money raised by registration vs contributions can be distinguished with this field. Event Fee seems to be pretty straight forward. This one seems important to keep in mind as we start to develop other parts after registration is completed.


  • decide between radio buttons and select list.
  • insert a select list in the pricing section so the user doesn't see all the choices. They see an option for either individual or organization, and then see the prices associated with each.
  • figure out a way to pass this initial selection to subsequent pages for multiple registrations. If its an organization, they don't need to make the choice again when registering the second participant, and they also don't accrue any further fees until they register participant more than 3.
    • itemize exactly what is passed between pages to figure out what we need to add
  • Create another price section in the price set for organizational registrants $0 for less than or equal to 3 , and tiered for more than 3. Insert template logic to make this determination; number of participants is already counted.
    • Can individuals register more than one person? Seemingly yes.


  • create spanish and arabic profiles, even if only for testing. Profile ids won't change even if the final approved labels do.
  • the include line in the template references an array of data passed into template from the settings page. how do we pass multiple profile arrays into the template? If this is not possible, then we will need to insert line by line logic.
    • line by line logic will need to be done for the billing section regardless.
  • can we pass the drupal localization language variable into the template? If not, do we check the URL and then create the language variable that way?
  • how does this work on additional participants?

Contact Data:

  • what is the final list of data that will be collected for the participant? volunteering? helping hand?
    • if helping hand, is that an additional donation field?

Format and Customize Confirmation and Thank you page.

Format and Custom Registration Welcome page