Drupal Organic Groups


  • shared between all sites.
  • Get Involved link on main navigation should lead to a page on the organize site, a landing page on this site can explain the various text that's allocated for this page, and also will show the secondary navigation for the organize site and a screencast (maybe) of how to register, create a group, etc. etc.
  • Join -> asks if user is joining as an individual or as an "organization" -> if individual, asks if user wants to register for the social forum "yes" or "later" -> if "later" user is asked for email address and name "submit" leads user to #landing-page
  • Login
  • Find a Group -> #browse-group
  • Join Group -> ajax search box
  • Start a Project -> creation of group node type project -> #front-page-project

Slightly Separate, maybe different colors

  • Register -> to site
  • Submit a Workshop -> creation of group node type workshop -> #front-page-workshop

Group Types

  • Workshops
  • Projects, Working Groups, and ad hoc groups
  • Organizations
    • Exciting functionality to encourage networking, donating, etc. Would be closed membership to reflect a group's actual membership, created by Joining as a group

Joined Landing Page

  • Create your profile
  • Find a group -> browse landing page
  • Join a group -> ajax search box

Browse Groups Landing Page

  • filters by region, sector
  • list alphabetically name, region, sector, no. of members, last post date, created date

Front Page Project

  • mission (with image or embeded video)
  • microblog feed
  • task list
  • events
  • recent posts

Front Page Workshop

  • Time, Date, Location
  • description


  • collaborative notes
    • debian whiteboard, .wb page is created with a popout form
  • microblogging
    • jaiku engine?
  • tasks
    • node type or trac ticket integration
  • user profiles
  • event calendar

Outstanding Questions

  • Possible to integrate trac tickets with tasks?
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