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     1= Live Streaming and Detroit Expanded =
     3We believe the progressive movement of the United States should not assume to expand its reach by merely projecting its events to the world, but open itself to meaningful collaboration with global struggle.
     5The Detroit Expanded effort, led by the Culture and ICT working group, intends to create a virtual open space for workshop organizers with similar goals to the social forum self-organized space. This includes not only to provide a broadcast of events using a live streaming format, but to encourage exchange between communities by providing feedback mechanisms, live chat and microblogging, and video conferencing.
     7Both the Live Stream and Detroit Expanded schedules have been thoughtfully selected to reflect the politics and organizing efforts of the local and national USSF organizers through collaboration with Language Justice, Communications, Poverty, Indigenous, Culture, and Program Working Groups. All live streams will be archived and available on-demand and displayed on the online media website as official USSF media, alongside audio recordings of daily briefings and email blasts.
     9This work is built upon previous forums and summits including the Belem Expanded program of the WSF 2009 and live streaming initiative of the People's Climate Conference in Bolivia, 2010. Future plans to maintain the continuity and building potential of this work include similar projects for the World Education Forum in Palestine, Fall 2010, COP16 mobilizations this winter, and the WSF 2011 in Senegal.
    111= Live Video Streaming Schedule =
    3 Below is the schedule of live video we expect to broadcast during the US Socail Forum.
     13There are four main elements to the daily, 10-hour schedule: Culture events, Detroit Expanded workshops, Detroit Highlighted workshops, and official USSF-programmed events.
    5 In addition to the live video, we will be re-playing taped segments as well. These segments will be inserted periodically during the day for variety and in case of technical difficulty with the live stream.
     15Culture events have been scheduled by the Culture working group.
    7 Prior to the begining of the forum, we will do a collection of "on the street" interviews with organizers to build a collection that can be replayed. These will be constantly updated throughout the forum with interviews with participants.
     17The complete Detroit Expanded schedule consists of 50 workshops, including live streaming video, live streaming audio, recorded video, recorded audio, and self-organized conferencing, representing at all 14 tracks congruent to the entire workshop program and reaching
     19Four Detroit Highlighted workshops will be featured on Saturday morning and have been scheduled by DLOC members.
     21Finally, all official USSF-organized events such as opening march and ceremony, plenaries, all-forum People's Movement Assembly, and closing ceremony will be live streamed in both English and Spanish.
     23Below is the daily schedule of live video we expect to broadcast during the US Social Forum.
    925== Tuesday, June 22 ==