Web cast needs

see also original ICT budget and technical details on the video stream

Stationary TV studio

This includes three cameras (with tripods), a video switcher, four video monitors, audio mixer, three lavalier mics

We'll also need a dedicated Internet connection in this room for web streaming.

This setup will need a quiet room that can be used as a live-to-web studio for doing interviews, regular newscasts, and other live-edit shoots.

Mobile TV unit

For webcasting live events, like the plenaries, or events in Hart Plaza, we'll need a mobile version of the Stationary TV studio

Mobile Internet Webcasting Unit

We'll need a powerful laptop equipped with a firewire input to encode and transmit the signal to our webcasting servers.

Mobile Internet Audio casting units

I think we should prepare 5 mobile audio casting units to cover workshops as they are happening. Audio is low bandwidth, meaning we should be able to support many of these at the same time. The hard part about audio casting is setting up the mic's in the room. An audio casting unit should include 4 mics and an audio switcher. Any regular laptop will work for transmitting the audio to our servers.

Bandwidth Server

MFPL (we're hosting the servers) will have to pay overage fees for our bandwidth if we get more than a couple hundred people watching the live stream as the same time. We can organize our network of allies to donate bandwidth, but I don't think we can necessarily count on that.

Bandwidth Onsite

I don't think we will be able to rely on the Internet connectivity provided by Cobo Hall. I imagine (as in 2007) we'll need to purchase several DSL/Cable connections for our dedicated needs and to supplement Cobo Hall and help feed the mesh network.

Onsite Video server

We will need a server with a massive disk array to allow everyone at the forum who is shooting video to share what they have shot in a high resolution format. This server should be accessible over the local network so we can quiclky transfer footage.

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