June 16, 2009 Workday notes

Tasks Undertaken

  • Decided to delete all tag and group defaults except group [Administrator]
  • Began to brainstorm possible categories see GroupsAndTags
  • Mallory suggested possible user types User experience

CiviCRM Questions

  1. Is it possible to allow individuals to change their information in civicrm without having a drupal account or civicrm admin priviledges?
  2. How will we manage imports into CiviCRM, where is the data, and can we use that data as a way to generate tags and groups?
  3. Should we just have one simple donation page for the 22nd launch?

General Questions That Arose

  1. If we are to have a group collaboration site, should it be separate from
    1. Jamie says it should be separate for three reasons: security, performance, and decentralization (see attached log for more detail).
    2. Ross suggested that the integration of organic groups and civicrm might make it worth having them on the same site.
  2. How many separate drupal (or other) installations should exist, and what would each of their functions be?
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