Instructions for NPC members

We're very excited to start working on our organizing website: You are our first registered users! This will allow technology like member management and content publication for working groups, committees, and other organized folks. The possibilities become truly staggering as we continue developing this "Organic Groups" functionality!

Casting Your Vote

  1. REGISTRATION: You will receive registration information for the website You can login to the site with the given username/password combination. Please change your password immediately after logging in the first time. You can also follow a one-time link that automatically logs into the site for you and prompts you for a new password.
  2. VOTING: Logged in users may then visit


List of modifications made to

  • Installed Organic Groups
  • Created NPC and C-Team groups
  • Installed and Enabled Notifications module for use with OG
  • Configured Notifications to be basically disabled globally for all content types, users, nodes, etc. for now
  • Modified left sidebar blocks to include in the following order: User Login, Main Navigation, Groups Navigation


  • How to restrict access for NPC application webform results to C-Team group yet allow members of NPC to submit to webform once.



  • Users and emails for C-Team and NPC representatives.
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