Organic Groups Workday

Use Cases

  1. User Registers
  1. User Submits Proposal
  1. SF Volunteer Creates Group
  1. SF Registrant Creates Group
  1. SF Registrant Request Being Admin For Group
  1. SF Registrant Requests Being Manager For Group

Accessory Modules

1.OG Access

2.OG Subgroups

3.OG Blueprints (creating groups with same config, not ready for 6)

4.OG Similar Groups

5.OG Vocabulary (allow a group to have its own Vocabulary)

6.User Import Organic Groups

  1. OG Panels (not ready for 6)

Possible issues

  1. scaling: no real issues except:

--node access control problems makes queries really slow when you have private groups

--if a user is the manager of too too many groups when submitting content the node submit page will time out

  1. bug with propogation of content group publishing, supposedly will only propagate one level, rather than all generations
  1. who is manager? who are admins?


  1. New user visits
  2. User registers
  3. User has a profile, updates information (can we sync this with civiCRM?)
    1. User gets added to regional groups?
  4. User can propose workshop, create group, or join group
    1. User submits workshop proposal -> Group is created automatically for this workshop and user becomes admin
    2. User creates group and becomes admin
    3. User searches for group and joins
  5. User can invite others to join group, make group pages, (can groups have mailman lists created?)
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