Thursday 20091105

CiviMail - how to create a mailing and how to queue a mailing CiviMail - how to interpret stats on sent messages Managing contact data - relationships, groups, tags Managing contact data - add contact to a group Managing contact data - how to create a group

Next Meeting

CiviContribute - taking donations

Further Training Topics

Analysis - searching for donation data Analysis - exporting of data for analysis Analysis - reporting based on group tagging Adding Contacts - Tagging/group contacts Adding Contacts - Administration input of contact data Adding Contacts - User input of contact data - basic data entry, Adding Contacts - User input of contact data - advanced (profiles)

To Do

Writing auto-messages for civimail Social networking analysis of data and relationships Investigate smart groups Creating guidelines for tagging, grouping, and relationships:


Brigid (Outreach), Sha (Resources), and Scott (Communications) are point people to ICT surrounding CiviMail: insert scheduling date in "Mailing Name" Create group "Recipient of Press Releases"

More Questions

Timeline for finishing registration? Catchup meeting with registration - Mark L. next week with Kiran

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