Work session notes

Present: Josue, Mark, Ross, Jamie, Mallory, dkg, Matt

First - We now have a working What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) html editor for the site!

During the work session we prioritized the WYSIWYG editor because it's *much* easier for non-techies to enter content. The best one we found was the free/open source Yahoo User Interface (YUI). We had two options: use a version of the software that was nicely packaged to use the Drupal interface (but lacked good support for adding images) or use a version that was not properly packaged for Drupal but that provided good support for adding images. Neither of these options were acceptable to us - so Ross and dkg worked very hard to fix the properly packaged version so that it supports adding images. And they've submitted these fixes to the bigger Drupal community so now the world can benefit from the USSF work :). Second... Josue, Mallory, Ross and I really busted our butts on the amazing design from the DAC. I'm happy to report that we have a cut-in that I would be proud to go live with today! There are still some minor issues to be resolved and, more importantly, we need to support from communications on the content before I think we can make it live (as a soft launch). We're hoping to do that by the NPC call on Wednesday. I've already emailed Scott from communicatins and we're in the process of setting them up to work on content.

If anyone wants to see the cut-in (and you have an account on edit your account to choose the USSF theme and you should be able to see it.

Third, Mark and Joseph made huge gains in building out the translation capabilities of the registration interface (I will leave it to them to give us a more full report back).

Fourth, Matt G (an old friend of many of the ICT techies and new face on the ICT) made a lot of progress in writing a module that will allow one Drupal site to securely and safely execute commands on another Drupal site. Pretty heavy back end stuff that will make it possible for us to run registration on one server and the social networking site on another server.

And Fifth, Josue is midway through the script that will fill in the city and state fields for records in our database in which they are empty but they have zip code records.

Other bonuses include: Mallory and Matt and Josue now have development environments setup!

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