Ross, Joseph, Mallory, Mark, and Jamie with 12 hour days last weekend to finish Milestone 4. There are 48 closed tickets with 26 remaining.

We closed most of the workshop submission form tickets that were requested. Editorial and FAQ tickets remain. We managed to get in the language access changes into the workshop submission form, too. We put in the requested fields from the Outreach working group. The front page is overhauled structurally so that we can hand it over the Communications working group. Numerous changes were done to the social networking site to make it easier from a user perspective. We are adding the capability to edit and add people to organization registration with 90% of the code written, we want to spend one week testing it and debugging it before going live with the announcement.

Many tickets were closed that will preempt user error on the site with registration and workshop/culture submission, including FAQ language, lifting logic restrictions, and creating support email/phone communication channels. Over the past two weeks, user questions have become much more visible. The upsurge in technology troubleshooting needs is likely correlated with the previous deadline for workshop submissions, which has now been pushed back. Still, we should expect to hear from users that experience errors with the site. It is critical that all USSF organizers that receive feedback about an error or problem experienced during registration or workshop submission be made known to Mallory and the ICT. The process for troubleshooting errors include:

  • Submit a support request to
  • Email, or forward support requests to online-support@…
  • Leave a voicemail at the phone number 718-303-3204

We'll need some further proposals from the OC for who answers which kinds of tickets and questions and how (for example: pdf or doc submissions of workshops/culture). We need to know if there are people or email addresses established for other working groups that can field policy or other related non-tech questions.

I propose that moving forward we keep only critical tickets related to workshop submission and registration in Milestone 4 and begin shifting our focus to Milestone 5. Milestone 5 will also include a push to massify the organize site.

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