Folks active with ICT committee. Partial list. Add yourself!

  • Jamie McClelland - I'm one of the co-directors of May First/People Link and was active in the 2007 US social forum.
  • Charles Lenchner - Formerly of the Working Families Party in NY. Co-founder of Organizing 2.0. Working with the New Organizing Institute on labor projects. I was active in the 2007 US Social Forum.
  • Nancy Brigham - I was the first webmaster for the UAW (Auto Workers Union). I program and design web sites for progressive groups, including the Berger-Marks Foundation, UE International, and the National Lawyers Guild International Committee.
  • Lou Novak - member of the Detroit Local Organizing Committee
  • Sarah Franzen - I came late to helping with the USSF database in 2007 (after the forum work). I am currently a grad student at Emory in Atlanta.
  • Sylvia Orduño - I'm with Michigan Welfare Rights Organization (a Detroit USSF anchor group) and do its online work.
  • Mallory Knodel - May First/People Link leadership committee member.
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