See also the People's Media Center budget and webcast equipment needs

June 2010: ICT specific needs

$1200June 120 Mesh network wireless routers
$300June 11 backup DSL/Cable Internet connections for registration
$1200June 22 Cost of accessing Cobo Internet
$3000June 1 Housing/Computer storage/Shared food costs for ICT volunteers
$500 June 27 Van rental for week of social forum for transportating equipment and techies
$4000 July 1 Overage for server bandwidth usage for video streaming (depending on usage)
$500 June 15 Cables and switches for registration
$3000June 15 2 Firewire enabled laptops for live video streaming
$13,700 TOTAL

June 2010: ICT Items covered in PMC budget

$3000 June 15 Hard drives and media server
$2000 June 15 Switches, cables and other materials for the PMC
$300 June 15 Backup DSL connection for PMC
$5,300 TOTAL
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