Questions and Answers about the ICT Tech working group

What are our main goals and objectives?

See our about us page for a proposed description.

Goals and objectives:

  • strong connection and support of local organizing committee
  • interact with communications group and media [ I think we want to interact with activist media and bloggers, but I'm not sure our goal is to interact with mainstream media --jamie]
  • organize seamlessly along with other WGs, evolve our structure
  • assure that technology organizers are integrated in the decision-making process, avoid service-provision
  • coordinate technology troubleshooting: connect people who need assistance with people who can provide it; spread knowledge to grow the ranks of troubleshooters.
  • serve as a technology advisory group
  • assist with open source tech needs, hardware, and related needs--wiki, website, listservs, etc
  • work with the intention of helping people who have different levels of tech knowledge (i.e., none, some, much)
  • Overcome problems people have using technology and make it friendly to people using it, including training and user testing.
  • ensure we/ICT WG work to allow open access to tools, to promote participation in the tools at all levels, and to reduce gatekeeping mechanisms that interfere with access, participation, and political process.
  • make it so that information, data, and other content is easily found, searched, tagged.
  • Work with all groups to encourage content from a broad spectrum. Expect communications group to write official communications for web site, and then use our technology expertise to structure content to make it accessible and easy to contribute to and expand.

What is our main task/s?

  • to support and facilitate the integration of Internet-based communication into the entire life of the U.S. Social Forum.
  • to serve as service provider for certain internet based functions: online credit card processing, registration, list functions, mass email blasting, and web site development. (CL)
  • assist in development of tech-related training tools

Who needs to be invited/recruited?

  • communicators
  • Allied Media Conference
  • Local OSS Supportive Community groups including:
    • GNU Linux User groups
    • User Groups for applied OSS software (e.g. Drupal, PHP, Ruby)
    • GNU Linux Distro producers and groups (e.g. Ubuntu, Ubuntu LoCo's, Fedora)
    • Hackerspace Groups (possible hardware, storage and setup projects)
    • Local Computer hardware recycling organizations (like FreeIT from 2007)
  • NY Grassroots Media Conference
  • Internet related nonprofit groups: Progressive Technology Project, New Organizing Institute, Aspiration-tech,,
  • For profit businesses in support of the goals of the USSF:, Radical Designs
  • We should also recruit/consult non-techies

How do we make decisions?

  • major decisions of policy and strategy should be done by consensus of those are phone meetings or, in emergencies, on the list. In other cases, the workgroup leadership should make these decisions
  • consensus should be a first option, but not final one.
  • what is the decision making process employed by other committees of the USSF?

How are meetings scheduled? Regularity? Method?

  • at this point, phone meetings should be every two weeks and the list should work as the main form of communications among members

Which organizations take on leadership and who are potential chairs/point persons?

  • MF/PL has already taken on some leadership role (with Alfredo Lopez chairing) and...
  • we might make an effort to recruit individuals who work with other organizations on the NPC to identify who in that org might be interested/willing to join this group.

Mark Libkuman quick and dirty proposal

My proposal answers the questions from two different perspectives, the first is geared towards the body of folks who are deciding how technology should be developed, used, managed for the USSF. The second is the body of folks who participate in the structure the first body comes up with.

ICT Exploratory Committee

1. What is our main task/s?

The main task of this committee is to look at the technology big picture and figure out the structure and process of all the technology related work necessary for the USSF.

2. Who needs to be invited/recruited?

People within already established working groups organizing the USSF, people who worked on this in 2007

3. How do we make decisions?

The exploratory committee will agree via consensus or near consensus

4. How are meetings scheduled? Regularity? Method?

Meetings will be conference calls every 2 weeks until a technology plan is written and agreed to by the exploratory committee

5, Which organizations take on leadership and who are potential chairs/point persons?


Proposed ICT advisory committee.

1. What is our main task/s?

  1. Meet regularly and have tech projects(see projects section immediately below) be presented at meeting
  2. Give advice on the projects presented at meetings
  3. find ways to coordinate presented projects with other projects
  4. recruit techies to join projects

Project life cycle:

  1. someone comes up with an idea of a tech project necessary for the USSF
  2. display the project proposal on a wiki or other internet location
  3. determine which non ICT USSF working group the project be sponsored by (could be more than one, i'll call it the Sponsor Working Group from now on)
  4. Find one person from the Sponsor Working Group(s) to be the non-technical project manager
  5. Present project to a ICT Advisory Meeting
  6. Determine if the project is actually a sub project of another project, if so join them
  7. Find one person from the ICT Advisory Committee (or some other techie/techie organization) to act as technical project manager
  8. The ICT Advisory Committee would also recruit from within, or from without, other techies to work on the project
  9. The non-techinical project manager should also recruit folks from his/her working group to participate in the process (tech project need non tech people!!!!)
  10. The project will continue to be presented to ICT Advisory meetings until no longer necessary

2. Who needs to be invited/recruited?

Any progressive technologist, either individuals or organizations or progressive companies. They can either participate as an advisor, or somebody who jumps in and joins a project.

3. How do we make decisions?

Since it would be an advisory committee, decisions will be left up to the project. If projects go against the Tech Advisory Committee best advice, meeting between the Tech Advisory Committee and the Sponsor Working Group(s). But still, the final decisions will be made by the Sponsor Working Group(s) and the project itself.

4. How are meetings scheduled? Regularity? Method?

Meetings will be every two weeks until it is determined we need more meetings. They will always be the same time, and either be online chat meetings or conference calls.

5, Which organizations take on leadership and who are potential chairs/point persons?


Next meeting

  • Can we use WebTools in a different way - see Web Tools on Local Organizing wiki - MarkDilley
  • Can we use a round table conference call style so we have some organization to it? - MarkDilley
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