ICT workday directions

We are meeting via irc:

Chat room/channel: #ussf

Via Web Browser

You can join or create a chat by going to the Indymedia Web client.

Alternatively, you can install a desktop program by following the directions below.

Linux or Windows

If you are not familiar with IRC and you are running Linux or Windows, I would recommend downloading Pidgin:

When you start Pidgin, you'll be asked to setup an account.

If you already have Pidgin installed, select Accounts -> Manage Account -> Add account.

You should choose IRC Protocol; as the server; whatever you want as your username, and leave password blank.

Once you are in pidgin, click Buddies -> Join A Chat...

Select the account you just created from the account drop down. For the "Channel" enter: #ussf. Leave the password blank.

Linux command line

If you want to use a command line tool, you can install irssi. To install:

sudo aptitude install irssi

To connect:

irssi -c
/join #ussf

You might prefer to connect with ssl:

/connect -ssl 6697
/join #ussf

*note* however, that unless everyone on the channel is connected via ssl, the channel is still vulnerable.

Mac users

If you are using a Mac, I would suggest Colloquy:

Type in the server and chat room info--

  • Server:
  • Chat room/channel: #ussf

If anyone has trouble with IRC, please post to the list and I or someone else can provide assistance.

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