ABCs of USSF organizing

This page describes the plan for building out the ABCs outreach site (formerly known as the PMA site).

The ABCs site is a temporary name until we come up with something better (and the site is temporarily available as either or or

The ABC (and D)'s of USSF outreach are:

  • Assemblies (People's Movement Assemblies)
  • Brigades
  • Caravans
  • Detroit Expanded

These are four ways groups can help organize for the USSF.

Four Content Types

  • Assemblies
  • Brigades
  • Caravans
  • Detroit Expanded

Each Content Type has:

  • Location to be rendered as lat/long
  • Date/Time with locale/timezone
  • Free tags taxonomy
  • Description with Media: input format filters for video and images
  • Attach multiple media files and/or embed media player

Each of the ABCD's has a page node the provides

  • Basic overview
  • Link to a download-able kit for organizing your own
  • Link to a view that shows all the instances of this type of
  • Map with filter by zip and area within miles radius and tag cloud as sidebar
  • Calendar (automatic filter by day/week/month) and tag cloud as sidebar

Extra Links, Navigation

  • Search by keyword
  • Link back to Organize
  • Share URL, tell-a-friend
  • Front page has map, calendar, and tag cloud with color codes for four groups
  • Main navigation is four tabs for each ABCD
  • Design from DAC
  • Link to this site from the front page of Organize
  • Screencasts on
  • captcha, not login


Link to Active Tickets

PMA: Resolutions and reports page
css/style love needed on ABCs site for views

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