Sandbox sites

To help in training users and developers, we have a sandbox system. The sandbox version of the site is a replica of the original with private data removed. It allows users and developers to learn and test without running the risk of deleting or changing any live data.

Currently, we have the following sandbox sites in place:

  • the main USSF site.
    • To initiate a fresh dump, login to mendes as the ussf2010 user (ssh and execute the command sync-drupal-to-sandbox.
  • The community/CiviCRM site.
    • Records from following tables are excluded: contact|relationship|contribution|participant|email|address|phone|subscription_history.
    • To initiate a fresh dump:
      • login to mendes as the ussf2010-community user (ssh
      • Execute the command sync-drupal-to-sandbox; sync-civi-to-sandbox. The first command synchronizes the Drupal database for the community site, the second command the civiCRM database.

Both sites have a simple user/password to prevent search sites from indexing them or accidental web users from stumbling on the site and thinking it's the real site.

The credentials are:

user: sandbox
pass: sandbox
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