USSF 2010 ICT toolset

The ICT has members with a variety of tech skills ranging from barely hanging on to professional hackers, sysadmins, and coders. We welcome new members regardless of where you fall in the spectrum.

We use a variety of tools in our work - which are described below. The only tools we expect you to be competent in using are email and the phone. We encourage all participants to further develop their tech skills by learning additional tools as fits your comfort and the needs of the ICT.

In addition to the toolbox info below, you may be interested in reading through our development workflow.

ICT Toolbox

All members of the ICT must be comfortable using email and must subscribe to our email list.
Being on every conference call is not a requirement, however, we do expect regular members of the working group to join at least one conference call as a means of getting to know the other members.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
For our periodic workdays, we meet via Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - a text-based chat system. We have directions on how to join us via IRC. If you plan to join a workday and are unfamiliar with IRC, please attempt to follow the directions in advance of the workday. We can help by email or phone if you have difficulty.
SSH public/private keys
For members interested in helping maintain the servers or web sites, we use public key infrastructure. That means, rather than issuing a password to connect to the server, we ask all members of the ICT to generate a public/private key pair. We can then grant access to the server using your public key. If you are unfamiliar with using public/private ssh keys, we can help you get started.
SSH/Secure FTP
Rather than using standard FTP programs to copy files to our servers (which relay the information in clear text), we use Secure FTP and Secure Shell (ssh) to make these connections.
Git/Revision control
Because we have many developers all working on the same code, we use a revision control system called git. If you are unfamiliar with revision control systems or with git, it can be a steep learning curve, but we're happy to help you down that road. We've also put together directions for installing git and for learning git.
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