Site goals:

  • online location to host USSF videos created by organizers to enhance existing content.
  • online location for independent videographers and activists to upload video taken before, during, and after the USSF.

Possible site goals:

  • aggregation of RSS2 feeds from similar media sites covering the USSF
  • publish streaming schedule and other cultural event content

In collaboration with, Mediatria, and Engagemedia's video sharing platform Plumi, built on Plone CMS. The Free Software is available here:

Configuration notes:

  • Buttons browse and publish in green and orange
  • icons: group of tags, group of tagged videos, video
  • no tag cloud
  • no calendar
  • no main navigation
  • no ratings
  • no genre tag
  • top navigation is ussf - in fact, use the whole header if possible from organize
  • place-holder screenshot if none available
  • login required to post?

Development notes:

  • need ability to embed streaming video links within this site
  • revisioning enabled to allow for shared editing of content (login required to post?)
  • sub-titling

Another similar option is to utilize a channel on servers for USSF.

Impact on other USSF sites: need input format and filters enabled for video embedding.

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